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Pick, Pack, and Parcel™

Frozen Ecommerce Fulfillment for Home Delivery

The frozen food chain is undergoing a final mile transformation in response to the demand for home delivery of groceries, including frozen foods. The infrastructure is in place that gives consumers access to a wide range of national, special, and private branded frozen foods. While food manufacturers have expanded their reach, it’s all thanks to a handful of web-based fulfillment centers such as Hanson Logistics.

Few 3PLs in the temperature-controlled supply chain are qualified to handle parcel units. However, the accuracy, safety and transparency required for consumer frozen food fulfillment touches the same sweet spot as Hanson Logistics national retail fulfillment. It’s no wonder that Hanson Logistics is quickly becoming a go-to partner for ecommerce fulfillment in the central US.

When it comes to frozen and refrigerated food fulfillment,
Hanson Logistics delivers!
  • Pick, Pack and Parcel™ frozen home delivery
  • Frozen mixed pallet/order direct to store
  • Integrated transportation management
  • Hybrid retailer and consumer order fulfillment
  • Dry ice/gel pack sourcing
  • Frozen pallet storage and handling
  • Refrigerated pallet storage and handling
  • Dry pallet storage and handling
  • Marketing inserts
  • Consolidated truckload
  • Custom kit programs
  • National alliances

Why Hanson?

Location + Safety + Logistics

Depending on the case and order volume of your fulfillment program, Hanson Logistics can quickly scale to your needs at either our Hobart or Logansport warehouses. Both deep-frozen food grade facilities offer an easy in and out and are strategically located to reach more than 60% of the US population via parcel service in 1 – 3 days. Pick, Pack and Parcel.

In addition to our ongoing ASI Superior rated facilities and adherence to HACCP principles, Hanson Logistics is undergoing the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification process. This farm-to-fork food safety and quality certification helps food producers assure their customers that food products have been grown, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible global food safety standards.

It’s everything we do. Our entire organization – technology, warehouses, trucks and training – is dedicated to the proper handling, accurate order processing, continuous improvement, and transparency of food logistics. You can rely on Hanson to structure refrigerated services to meet your dynamic needs for more value-driven logistics.

Hybrid Retailer + Consumer Distribution
Hanson excels at multi-channel delivery. If your frozen food are sold at retail as well as online, Hanson can tailor a store door delivery service to complement your ecommerce program. Hanson Velocities improves your fulfillment strategy and streamlines your cold supply chain process while reducing or eliminating higher cost LTL transportation. Ask for details.


For further information on this outstanding opportunity,
call: 888.772.1197

  • Hanson has much greater access to carrier capacity and can give us better visibility across the supply chain, Day-to-day, they interface with our customer service to build optimum loads, while managing both inbound and outbound. Long-term, they are mapping out the most responsive and cost-effective fulfillment process. This allows us to focus on our core competency, as a leading brand in bread and bakery products.

    John Sommavilla